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The Wake-Up Call Most 20 -Somethings Need On Meeting The Right Person

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th November 2017

Frustrated. Confused. Insecure. Craving an egg sammy. Occasional Saturday morning thoughts that might not have happened if it werent for the night events prior. Lets flashback for a second and unravel familiar timelines that us 20 somethings may have in common Its a Friday at 6:00 p.m. and youre caught between : A ) Changing […]

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10 Pieces Of Advice From The Girl Who Was Always In A Relationship

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th November 2017

I’ve always been a relationship person. In every partnership, I’ve had to adjust my needs and desires to fit my partner’s. But, I’ve also realized there are many things I rarely get the chance to enjoy once I start life together with someone else. Here are all the things I wish someone would’ve told me […]

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6 Ways To Treat Yo’self When You’re Single AF On Valentine’s Day

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th November 2017

While most 20 -somethings are preparing for Valentine’s Day with their significant other, you find yourself single and in a furious Tinder-swiping session, trying to find a valentine. Stop immediately. Valentine’s Day is the vacation revolving around love, so why not spend it with the person or persons you love most: yourself? In the words […]

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4 Things That Happen When You’re Single AF, But Over The Dating Scene

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th October 2017

There is bound to be a time in any dedicated single person’s life where reference is or she iswildly single AF but altogether over the wild, single AF life. We are the ones who are completely over bar trolls and one-night-stands, and we yearn for the real deal. We are the unfortunate souls who are […]

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You Have The Right To Remain Single

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st October 2017

We live in a culture preoccupied with the fairytale. I’m aware that this isn’t a life-changing revelation and that most of us have come to terms with this phenomenon in some manner or another, and before we dive too far into this, let me be perfectly clear: No, this isn’t going to turn into a […]

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Why ‘Me’ Time Is So Important When You’re Not Sure What To Do With Your Life

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th October 2017

At work, were confused by projects, our bosses and our co-workers. Often, we construct relationships with these people, and they soon become part of our extra-curricular lives. We eat lunch with them, go to happy hour with them and let them into our lives. Then, we have our group of friends. Theyre the ones we […]

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5 First Date Dating Rules You Require To Drop Right Now

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th October 2017

First dates have the potential to beawkward, nerve-wracking disasters. The possibility ofstriking gold with the person sitting across from you, though, does exist. With some luck, youll find yourself actually enjoyingtheir company, thinking about the health risks of find them again. For a long time, established societal dating regulations( you know, the ones generated out […]

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9 Reasons Being Tied Down After Graduation Will Merely Hold You Back

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th October 2017

If I had a dollar for every time I heard or overheard a woman say, I cant believe an entire semester has gone by and I havent met a single guy, I would be filthy rich. PSA: This isnt 1953; you dont pay tuition to find a relationship. That being said, I want to empower […]

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Being Single Is F* cking Horrible, So We Require To Stop Lying To Ourselves

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th September 2017

This will not be polite. Honestly, if I have to read one more article about how fabulous it is to be single, Im going to throw up in my mouth. Thanks, but get out of here. Lets not exalt a topic that makes me want to drown my single regrets in a bottle of malt […]

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7 Awesome Items You Can Wear, Merely If You’re Single

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th September 2017

Ive written so many articles about all the reasons being single can suck. But you know what? Its time in order to be allowed to discontinue it with the sobbing narratives. Being single is liberate, people. Being single entails not having to say yes to anyone you dont want to say yes to, doing whatever […]

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