7 Different Types Of Guys You’ll Never Date Again Once You Turn 25

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd October 2017
7 Different Types Of Guys You’ll Never Date Again Once You Turn 25

Men. For a three-letter word, it sure has a lot of twistings, turnings, personalities, and outcomes.

By the time you turn 25 if you tested the water frequently in your dating life then you have an idea of where youll tread again.

Dating is a lot like a seat belt; either you click, or you dont. And if you dont, there are consequences.

But, enough with the symbolism. Its all a growing process to help you figure out what you like and want in a relationship.

If youre 25 or older, youve likely already formulated your own seven deadly dating sins of men. The ones who gave you a hell of its own experience,.

These are the different types of guys youll never date again once you make 25.

1. The Cling-anator

Chad Madden/ Unsplash

Nothing is worse than a clingy human who doesnt let you have your own independence.

Being too clingy ruinedmy want to be around person. They were always concerned with what I was doing when I wasnt with them.

At first, it can seem a little cute and attain “youre feeling” wanted, but ultimately, you risk letting someone clip your wings so they can feel comfy and content with their own insecurities.

So, in the name of, let it go.

2. The physically attractive, but mentally bland guy

I dont believe in love at first sight. Its more of a at first sight.

In my book, you may insure someonewho catches your attention, and then once you get to know that person, the love factor can potentially happen.

But because we are cursed with this appearance-first aspect, it can lead to difficulty. If a guy cant hold a conversation like he does a mirror, then its a lost cause when it comes to dating.

3. The label lover

No, ladies the only people who lovetitles. Men do it, too.

No one should want to label everything right off the bat. Now, there are exceptions to this elicited paranoia. But for the most component, things should be natural, and not forced on anyone.

4. The irrevocable bad boy

Lucas Filipe/ Unsplash

Look, many of us want to experience the bad son who wears a leather coat, irrespective of what season it is. Its enticing, and I blame the movies for over-fantasizing the very existence of bad boys.

Sooner or later, though, I procured the hurry-up the bad son “ve given me” faded because there wasnt a whats next? factor.

Like, for how long will you be bad? Should I buy Bad Boy Protection Insurance? The questions were endless.

5. The controlling guy

I can honestly say the controlling guy “ve given me” the most trouble.

No one likes to feel caged, especially in a voluntary activity like dating. Society already sets us in so many other situations where we feel like we dont have control over our lives. We dont need it in our relationships.

6. Theguy whosan emotional roller coaster

On the one hand, theres nothing wrong with conveying how you feel and wearing your heart on your sleeve; that constructs you human.

On the other hand , not everything should provoke World War III from your emotional battlefield.

I once dated someone who treated everything like a soap opera. I had to force-out myself not to holler cut at the end of his consistent soapbox moments.

Im no director, but I knew that various kinds of emotional dispensing wont get you anywhere besides unbelievably exhausted.

7. The culturally immature type

Yes, theres such a thing as being culturally immature.

That being said, a guy doesnt have to have a degree in all of the cultures in the world, but he beopen to understanding what theyre all about before speaking on them.

Because of how vast and skewed the world is right now, theres no room for dating someone who doesnt step out of their own box and realise people and cultures experience life differently.

He should be open to understanding, instead of simply content with what only identity goes through.

30 is right around the corner, and while we will never altogether have our sh* t together, we can at least attempt to set our own yes and nos in our dating lives.

Only a select few people get onto right on the first try. For the rest of us, we just have to keep swinging until we land our home run.

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