12 Men Reveal How They Run From Hooking Up To Using The Word ‘Girlfriend’

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th December 2017
12 Men Reveal How They Run From Hooking Up To Using The Word ‘Girlfriend’

So you’re in that equivocal stage of dating where you’re hanging out, having a good time and making outa lot, but like … what are you guys, right?

You really like this person and are ready to stimulate the ultimate commitment well , no , not that one. But the one where you guys exclusively make out only witheach other and get the two-for- $20 bargain at Applebee’s on Friday nights.

So how do you make that transition from casual dating to~ boyfriend and girlfriend ~?

Or, more specifically, how do heterosexualmen attain that transition because, as it’s beenfor the past thousand years, it’s actually their sentiments that appear to matter the most.

Luckily, Reddit once again came through with men’s advice ina thread asking this very question.The overall consensus? Just ask her, you dingus!

1. Huh. This guy might be onto something with the whole communicating-with-your-partner idea.

2. Although, this guy points out it’s not a bad notion to take things slow before bringing up the G-word.

3. This guy apparently only has good sh* t happen to him without trying.

4. Hewent for the presumption approach, and luckilySally took it in stride.

5. Here’s another manbanking on reciprocal assumption.

6. But this guy believes going out of your route to ask could score you some bonus points.

7. And here’s someone who thinks it’s not official until it gets saidout loud.

8. This guy can’t keep up with all the dames whowant to lock him down.

9. He says explicitcommunication is for teenagers.

10. But this guy has a tradition, and he’s sticking to it.

11. I entail, yeah, achild would probably indicate some sort of commitment, at least.

12. But severely, men folk, when it doubt, be asking!

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